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Hello, meet Oluwatosin Arodudu, the Chief Executive Officer
of Hadar Creations LLC and publisher who sees publishing as
a calling as well as a profession.
Oluwatosin started this journey as a naïve writer who
self-published three books on Amazon in one year.

Our Founder

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At that time in 2017, she had no idea what publishing a book typically entailed. Being hard-pressed, there were no resources outside her family funds to invest in publishing an excellent book, so she went on Amazon and adapted their templates for her new book. Of course, she had to contend with an overwhelming fear of distasteful errors.

Oluwatosin wrote and completed her first book titled Motherhood and Society. Her husband, who was pursuing his Ph.D. then, reviewed the complete manuscript for her after which she published it.

This journey started when Oluwatosin just had her baby girl, and she heard right there in the delivery room as the Holy Spirit whispered the word AUTHOR to her.

In 2018, which was a year later, while she was praying and undergoing a fasting period, Oluwatosin was in the restroom one day when God told her, “You will own a publishing company.”

She screamed and ran downstairs to meet her husband to tell him what God had said. Being a man of vision, he asked his spouse, “When are you starting?” Ever since then, God has divinely positioned Oluwatosin, and everything she needed at every point in time as a publisher has always been miraculously provided. 

This is why she said earlier that publishing is both a calling and a profession for her. As something Oluwatosin loves to do, she sees it as God positioning her to serve others.

Through Hadar Creations, God has connected Oluwatosin to several authors whose stories have blessed her life immeasurably as her skilled team handled their book projects successfully. She’s worked with authors all over the world, and Oluwatosin counts it as a great privilege that God handed over this mandate to her.

Every author that is intentional about their book projects and has passed through Hadar Creations always testifies to how this great mandate has blessed them tremendously.

Aside from being a publisher, Oluwatosin is equally a writer, an author, and an identity coach. Her two most recent books are titled Identity and The Visionary Life.

She coaches women on how to discover themselves, and live a purposeful and visionary life as leading women. You can find out more about her life-changing content on her personal website: Oluwatosin Arodudu.

Know that you’re at the right home, and we’re always delighted to serve and work with you to birth your book project. Once again, welcome to Hadar Creations!

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