Hadar Creations is a registered company in the Corporate Affairs Commission,Federal Republic of Nigeria with the RC no 1107057.
We are a publishing, digital marketing and design company that publishes books, websites, articles and magazines. 
We create logos, and all kinds of graphics for promotional purposes in order to boost and upgrade the image of your brand. 
Our publishing house is open and affordable for any writer who has a book in them.
We believe that your story is gold and it would help change your own corner of the world.
We have a team that would take your book from the editing stage, to the design and layout stage and up to the publishing stage where you would become a full fledged author.
And in case you do not have enough money to go to print, we have our international eBook creator option to help make your dream a reality.
Our eBook creator is a unique brand in Hadar Creations that is designed to fit the needs of every writer who wants to fulfill their dream of becoming an author.
Our platform is created in order to make publishing easier for writers and authors who wants to give their content and their whole book package a professional and a distinct touch.
Our digital products are licensed and watermarked to secure them against piracy, and to track down anyone who attempts to pirate our work or any of our customers by hook or by crook.
Our clients and subscribers are very important to us, and we offer them a lot of our promotional packages from time to time.
Hadar means glory, and we are a company that prides our-self in producing books and designs that are glorious.

 You want to publish your book, website or re-brand your brand? 

Then contact us through our contact us page so we can help publish your book and take your brand to the next level.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, please do not hesitate to send your suggestions and feedback through the contact us page so we can know how to serve you better.