Without A Cradle

We are excited to release our newest author’s book Without A Cradle, written by Ngozi Idoniboye.

This is what Ngozi Idoniboye has to say when we granted her an interview about her newest release ……………………………………
“Without a Cradle is a book really dear to my heart. It is the first in the Cradle series. That touches on faith, family and love.”

This particularly excites me coming from Ngozi. This means that this exciting and powerful book is going to come in a series, I am deeply excited!

Below is a synopsis of the book……………………………

Kaliat is a young lady who is in a courtship with an endearing young man, Olumide. While trying to navigate the ups and downs of building a career and a relationship, a little girl comes into their lives. Will her entrance make their bond stronger or tear them apart? Will their faith see them through the bumps life throws their way or will they prove to be more temptation than they can overcome?
Demilade struggles with coming to terms with the notion that a higher power controls the universe. Will his friends be able to convince him of the fact or will life’s tests and trials send him searching for answers? **************************

This is a book that is worth the read, the characters are so sweet, so different and you would find your self falling in love and getting attached to them.

Without a cradle is available on lulu.com and you can access with the link

Available on Okadabooks and you can access it with the link

And you can buy it here on our website by clicking on the shop button.

The book is just #1000 only.

When you buy and read, don’t forget to drop us a review, thank you so much, and help us spread the word by sharing.

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