The Silent Killer


The Silent Killer is a book that is recommended for all singles. The lessons to be learnt from this book are enormous. There are life lessons that can be derived from this book. Those that have read this book can attest to the rich impartation, inspiration, life experience about love, forgiveness, restitution, marital issues and so much more that this book really dealt with. This book serves as a guide for those going into a relationship, those that just pulled out of one and those that are confused about their marital life. This book also teaches about how to handle break ups and how to find hope again. It is a book that is loaded with so many life transforming lessons that both the singles and the married can benefit from and also both the young and the old. Thank you for buying a copy, I hope you tell others to also get their copy so they can be a partaker of the lessons involved in the book.

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