Many great minds are trapped and locked up in a cage as a result of their background and social conditioning.

They are muddled up and shielded away from realizing their great potentials by defeatists mindsets and mental strangleholds in their subconscious.

No matter what they hear, or who is around them to help them grow, they suffer from MIND BLOCKAGE and just can’t break out from their current mind hole.

IDENTITY is a reference book on personal development that identifies with and describes the travails of the confused mind, while offering life coaching on transition to self development and actualization.

Identity tells the story of Oluwatosin’s travails with mind entrapment, and takes you through her journey to Self Discovery, Purpose and Leadership.

The author’s experience teaches valid lessons on coming out of a perpetual state of mental helplessness, and living a purposeful life.

If deep down, you know you are made for more but are unable to forge a path towards it, then this book is definitely for you.

It is a book for aspiring leaders and leaders going through turmoil as a result of their strong personality.

It coaches leaders with strong personality on how to master, manage and weaponize their emotions to their own advantage, both as individuals and leaders in their sphere of influence.


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