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Beauty in Ugliness is a book that was written to capture the fact that “your environment, family background, friends, your possessions should not define who you end up being.” Your mindset, your will, your personal determination and God’s grace and mercies are key factors in what you end up becoming. This book was written to encourage children who did not have a good parental experience, and also to open the eyes of parents who are creating a damaging and a toxic environment in their home. The rationale of this book is to make such parent understand that their children are very aware of the toxic environment their parents are creating in the home, and the children are internalizing most of the negativity. Therefore, parents must be vigilant and be deliberate in addressing the anomalies in their homes for their children’s sake.
And also, for every child to understand that their backgrounds should not put their backs on the ground. No matter the challenges they face in life, they always have the responsibility to make right choices that would eventually give them a better future.

4 reviews for BEAUTY IN UGLINESS

  1. Andy-Monehin Adenike

    Reading this book was a great experience, it is a very good book,it is heartwarming and it is just a great book in general.

  2. Olatunde Ayodeji Samuel

    I have changed my mind about Popsi after reading the book , most time after divorce one of the parents tend to brainwash ..

    And I want to say this , I thought I knew you but after reading the book I realize I don’t know much about you , My apology sir 🙏

  3. Chimdi Grateful

    We read your book today and we couldn’t put it down!!
    We were deeply touched by your honesty and salute your courage to tell your story in a most compelling way!!!
    We were sober and it made us reflect deeply on how much you had to put up with and yet came out victorious…

    Thank you for telling your story and inspiring a lot of people with it…there was so much to learn from it and we were moved to tears…even my husband that is not easily moved was sober…
    Thank you ❤

  4. SEA

    I couldn’t sleep yesterday. I had actually slept 2 hours earlier.
    At 2.30am I decided to pick up Beauty in Ugliness by Seyi RULE. I had only read chapter 1.
    Yesterday I finished the book b4 I went back to sleep.

    The book is a must buy honestly for every home especially parents.

    All I can say is that you are a ‘Divine’ child. Otherwise u 4 don lost since.
    With all u went through, the exposure, the abuse, the environment, mingling with all those characters and u still had your sanity in place. I salute the Grace of God in your life. You have always been distinguished in the crowd for one thing or the other.

    We all have our different experiences but yours is far different.

    I wish to be as bold to collate mine as well. Although mine was more of suffering of a fatherless child who chose to be differentin spite of whatever circumstances, the road to success was very very rough. Born of a mother with plenty children following, where some of them chose to be unserious and the stain is constantly on me as I move forward.
    Unfortunately the world see more of negatives than positives. The glory of God however keeps speaking for me . I will forever be grateful to God Almighty. Not easy sha. I am not perfect . I thank God.

    *Well-done Seyi.*

    More successes
    Greater heights.

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