Hadar Creations publishing, the story behind its creation

 What does the word Hadar mean: Hadar means glory in Hebrew, and that was how the name Hadar came about. It simply means glory creations. Hadar Creations publishing was conceived sometimes in February 2018 without a prior notion that the CEO and Creative director Oluwatosin O.Arodudu was ever going to become a publisher in her journey as a writer. It was all about writing for her, and self publishing. She didn’t know she was actually going through the rudiment and the intricacy of publishing her books by herself so she can begin to help others make their dreams of becoming an author an easy and enjoyable reality.

 What is the vision of Hadar Creations publishing: Hadar Creations publishing is not just an ordinary publishing company, we have a unique vision that is peculiar to us. We are not just publishing in order to be known or to make money, we are very much interested in the story of the people we publish.  We believe in motivating and helping people discover themselves and the treasures in them. It is a publishing company that is set out to help people, most especially women in order to give them a voice through writing. We live in a society where the culture of silence is prevalent, so our vision is to give people, most especially women an avenue to speak out through writing.

  Hadar Creations’vision: The vision is about helping people unearth their treasures, dreams, ideas, aspirations, visions and help them turn it into a fulfilled vision. A lot of people have ideas that could become a solution to a societal or even a world wide need, but because they have not discovered who they are, and how much treasure lies in them, they are afraid to pour out their thoughts and ideas through writing for fear of judgment and castigation. This is where we come in as a publishing company. We are here to help you put those thoughts, ideas, pains, negativities and bottled up emotions that are coloring your view about life into a book. We are here to help women and (men who care to be vulnerable enough) to  gather these thoughts and ideas, identify them, talk or write about them in order to impact their world.

 Mission Statement: We publish your thoughts and ideas so that they can be unpublished from your mind in order for your purpose to be published.

The mission statement sounds strange can you explain better? Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu(OOA) writes: Yes I know it does sound strange *smiling*, and as the CEO and creative director of Hadar Creations publishing, it sounded strange to me too when the mission statement was first unfolded to me. I am a child of God, and the journey of my life has been so significant in every aspect. As a child who grew up in a dysfunctional family, I bottled up a lot of bitterness, anger, negativities, pains and I had a whole lot of emotional issues. I was so guarded against life, and was running away from anything that remotely looked like rejection. I had to be taken through the journey of writing when I opened my blog oluwatosinarodudu.com formerly known as (musingsandthots.com) in 2016 to begin to pour out my heart albeit sparingly. After about nine months then I began to write my first book Motherhood and the Society just as I was led by God. That book was about the pains in my heart regarding womanhood in Africa, Nigeria to be precise and it was inspired by some of the things my mother went through as a lone parent, and some of the things I was also going through as a young mother of two children who is struggling to establish a career.

After writing my first book, I was also led to write about my childhood and the experiences associated with growing up in a dysfunctional family. The title of that book is “From the Perspective of the Child”. It was the core bitterness and anger I carried in my heart, and it was those feelings that were hindering me from attaining purpose in the proper sense of it.  Writing those two books was like a tank of various negative emotions were unleashed in me, and I was able to let go of all the anger, pain, bitterness, fear of rejection and every form of negativity that was hindering me from attaining purpose and destiny. I could see properly afterwards, it was as if I was purged and I was taken on another journey of rebirth in my soon to be released book IDENTITY.

Identity could not have been written if I didn’t write my first two books which purged me of every limitation. Identity is the book of renewal and a must have for everyone who is seeking to attain purpose, live an authentic life, and also lead successfully. This is why Hadar Creations publishing was birthed. And this explains what we do in this company.

As Africans, and Nigerians, we grew up in a society that encourages us to bottle in all our pain and emotional issues because it is supposed to be private. We are also told to be modest so we do not appear proud or different in the eyes of other people. The implication of this is that even if we have ideas which could be a blessing to humanity, we often times bottle them up to please the world.

And if it is about emotional or mental health issue, we are also encouraged to bottle them up which could sometimes turn into a psychological break down for us. Until we speak or write about such issues, we are usually locked up and trapped in this darkness that gradually renders our minds redundant. Writing is a therapy, and that is what Hadar Creations  publishing is here to do. We are here as a publishing therapist to give you a voice to air your thoughts and ideas in form of writing. 

We are also here to help you heal from every form of negativity and bitterness that are hidden in your hearts by encouraging you to write them, in order to publish them so that they can be unpublished from your mind. The result of which would lead  to your destiny and purpose in life becoming published. The amount of relief and clarity I have now is unbelievable. Being vulnerable enough was the courage I needed to write about my pains, anger, bitterness and every form of negative thought I carried. And that is what has paved a way for many of the things I am doing today, a significant part of which is Hadar Creations publishing.


What genre do you publish exactly?

We publish raw thoughts, pains, bitterness, anger, ideas that sounds too good to be true but could change the society and the world at large. It could come in the form of fiction or non fiction. As much as it is impactful or written in order to create a change, then we would publish it. We are going to break the culture of silence that kills creativity. We want people to come out from the cloak of modesty that was fed to them as a result of culture and tradition right from their childhood. A culture that seeks to cut wings rather than let it fly and soar. We are to give those wings a place to soar, and that is why the name of our company is Hadar Creations, and the genre we publish is called the HADAR GENRE.

What percentage do you charge on every book you publish?

We charge 20% on every book that is published by us. Either as an eBook or as a paper back book. We understand that many writers might not be able to afford all the expenses that comes with publishing, that is why we have made things easier by doing all the work for you while all you need to do is just write and concentrate on the opportunity to be creative and carve out a niche for yourself as a writer.

Here are the things we offer our would be authors and writers on Hadar Creations publishing

I. An ISBN ascribed to only your title in eBook and paper back

2.A free book cover  design for your eBook, an option to provide yours is also available

3. An encryption of your eBook in order to protect it from piracy

4. A standard design and layout of your book interior

5. A worldwide distribution of your book on various online platforms

6. A promo package for your book release, and this includes 3d cover mock ups, a graphic design for your author page and a blog press release of you and your book on our blogs oluwatosinarodudu.com and on hadarcreations.com

7. You own the right to your book even with the usage our ISBN. This means you can still publish your book on any other platform apart from ours.

We would do everything to make your dream of becoming an author, or an expert in your field a reality by giving you the opportunity to show case your creativity to the world. Many coaches started out as writers, and they became speakers who graduated to coaches in their area of writing, or what they have chosen to write about. Oluwatosin Arodudu, the CEO of Hadar Creations is an example of a writer who became an expert in the fields she has written about. This could also be your reality, and that is why we are here at Hadar Creations to help you bring those dreams and creativities churning at your inside into reality.

One of our tag tagline in the Hadar Creations team is to be Hadarious in Nature.

Do not allow anyone or the society to silent your thoughts, ideas and pains.

Shine and be seen, you matter and your thoughts does too.


Written by Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu

The Creative Director

Hadar Creations



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