*Drum rolls*our first official author launches his powerful book, The Dictator

It was indeed a beautiful day yesterday when Hadar Creations published its first book outside our CEO and Creative Director’s books.

This means that we are progressing and our name is gradually getting out there. We are building a brand that will change lives and change generations to come.

This is our vision in Hadar Creations and this is what propels us to propel and also motivate our authors and everyone that comes in contact with us.

Fadipe Oluwaseun our first author has written his first book the Dictator, and it is a best seller that will touch and change lives positively. It is a book that has explored the vulnerability of boys and below is an excerpt…….

“I gained admission into the university to study accounting, such event is usually a happy occasion for most parents, my parents most especially my dad was so proud to have a son studying accounting and a daughter studying law in the University, on the other hand it was one of my saddest day, for my dad it was a thing of pride and a reason to boast among his friends and family most especially since we were his first children to gain admission into the university, on the other hand it was a thing of sadness, pain and bitterness because I knew the journey ahead was going to definitely result into that of embarrassment, shame, disappointment to my family and most especially to myself. I found myself in the university studying what I never wished to study, struggled very hard to cope with my academics, I never did accounting when I was in secondary school neither did I like anything that has to do with calculation and here I am faced with courses like financial- accounting, business-mathematics 1, business mathematics 2, etc in my 100 level and by the time my first semester result came out it was nothing to write home about because I had less than 1.5 CGPA.

I became devastated and drowned further in my pool of bitterness and sorrow knowing the reactions and embarrassment I was going to get from family members most especially from my dad, I could not bear to see myself humiliated or to be compared to a younger sister that was doing very well in her choice of discipline (Law)

I was already so affected with the soured relationship or broken relationship and series of ugly episodes I had to face as a result of my parents broken marriage which had affected me negatively and psychologically so I needed to help myself escape this academic shame or failure that was looming over my head”……………………………………………..

Dear parents,

“The unhealthy relationship in your marriage has a way of affecting your child psychologically; it is only natural for them to do whatever to get out of it”.

Lots of life changing messages and exposition in this book. It is a must have for everyone.

To get your copy please click on the link below and make your payment through paypal after which you can download the book. If you would love to pay directly, then send a mail to ooainspires@gmail.com or oluwatosin@hadarcreations.com [ebook_store ebook_id=”375″]

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