Drum rolls as we celebrate our newest author on Hadar Creations, Mrs Pamela Adejare

Honourable Prince Bisi Yussuf
Honourable Prince Bisi Yussuf

It was a beautiful day on Saturday July 28 when our newest author Mrs Pamela Adejare launched her book Yes I do For A Blissful Life and her foundation Train a Child Foundation in grand style at the city of Lagos as a way of celebrating her 40th birthday. Her wisdom, depth, knowledge and the nobility of her family  over the years attracted many noble people who came to celebrate and support her dream and vision of birthing her first book, YES I DO FOR A BLISSFUL LIFE. Among some of the noble people were Honourable Prince Bisi Yussuf of Lagos State House of Assembly.

Chief and Chief Mrs Yomi Otubela right, Mrs Pamela Adejare and her Husband Mr Olaitan Adejare left

The chief launcher and his wife Chief and Chief Mrs Yomi Otubela who are the CEO of Lagooz Schools Lagos were also there to make the launching a beautiful and a successful one

It is worthy and very significant to note that the author’s husband was a staunch support system right from the moment publishing contract was being discussed with us at Hadar Creations. Our Creative Director Oluwatosin Olajumoke Arodudu (OOA) could not help but note this,  and this was a great determinant factor in approving and recommending this book for all. The author Mrs Pamela Adejare indeed has a blissful home and qualified to become an authority in marital affairs

Yes I do For a Blissful Life is a powerful book which every one intending to go into marriage must buy, digest, and read from time to time. The wisdom and knowledge in that book is unquantifiable and the price does not do justice to it.

If you have a family, a friend, an acquaintance who wants to get married then this book is for them, it is the best gift you can give to them as they would always thank you for it. Below is an excerpt.

“Present your true self to your spouse, don’t pretend at all, love each other for who and not what you are, don’t over rate yourself before your spouse, do whatever your capacity can
carry, don’t overdo things, cut your cloth according to your material or size, don’t do
more than you are and let your spouse know your weakness so that you can both cover up for one another, don’t say you are everything when you are nothing.”

It’s a must have for everyone who intends to go into marriage or in marriage and wants a blissful life.

The book is available in print and can be delivered to anywhere in Nigeria, you can also download the soft copy from anywhere in the world on our website for 8 dollars. Attached below is a download link, and if you would want us to help you with the download from our website or to get the print copy, please send a mail to ooainspires@gmail.com or oluwatosin@hadarcreations.com

Yes I do for a Blissful Life PAMELA ADEJARE

  • Hadar Creations
  • July 28, 2018
  • 125 pages

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