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New eBook Published: The Silent Killer

Whoop, whoop, here is our newest author in Hadar Creations. She is not only our newest author, she is also a member of our inner team for women on Facebook, Hadar Creations Team. In that team we build ourselves up, unlock us, and unearth our treasures in order to begin to walk in purpose. It is indeed a thing of joy for Hadar Creations publishing to be a part of her journey and the launching of her book, the Silent Killer.

The Silent Killer is a work of fiction and a book that is recommended for all singles. The lessons to be learnt from this book are enormous. It is a book full of inspiration, life experiences about love, forgiveness, restitution, marital issues and so many issues about life

The Silent Killer Oluwatosin Aringbangba

  • Hadar Creations
  • May 19, 2018
  • 183 pages

The Silent Killer serves as a guide for those going into a relationship, those that just pulled out of one and those that are confused about their marital life. This book also teaches about how to handle break ups and how to find hope again. It is a book that is loaded with so many life transforming lessons that both the singles, married, young and the old can benefit from.  It is my wish that you get a copy and also tell your friends and family to get theirs.

Here is an opportunity to tell you more about Hadar Creations publishing:

We are the publishing house next door, and we are here to help you birth your dream of becoming an author through your ideas, thoughts, vision and experiences into a reality. We believe everyone has something great in them, and if you are a writer we are here to help you birth this greatness in a book!

How do we operate or what do we offer?

We charge 20% on every book that is published by us. Either as an eBook or as a paper back book. We understand that many writers might not be able to afford all the expenses that comes with publishing, that is why we have made things easier by doing all the work for you while all you need to do is just write and concentrate on the opportunity to be creative and carve out a niche for yourself as a writer.

Here are the things we offer our would be authors and writers at  Hadar Creations publishing:

I. A separate ISBN ascribed to your eBook and your book in print.

2.A free book cover design for your eBook, an option to provide yours is also available.

3. An encryption of your eBook in order to protect it from piracy.

4. A standard design and layout of your book interior.

5. A worldwide distribution of your book on various online platforms

6. A promo package for your book release, and this includes 3d cover mock ups, a graphic design for your author page and a blog press release of you and your book on our blogs and on

7. You own the right to your book even with the usage our ISBN. This means you can still publish your book on any other platform apart from ours.

We would do everything to make your dream of becoming an author, or an expert in your field a reality by giving you the opportunity to show case your creativity to the world. Many coaches started out as writers, and they became speakers who graduated to coaches in their area of writing, or what they have chosen to write about. Oluwatosin Arodudu, the CEO of Hadar Creations is an example of a writer who became an expert in the fields she has written about. This could also be your reality, and that is why we are here at Hadar Creations to help you bring those dreams and creativities churning at your inside into reality.

One of our tag tagline in the Hadar Creations Team is to be Hadarious in Nature.

Do not allow anyone or the society to silent your thoughts, ideas or rubbish your creativity.

Shine and be seen, you matter and your thoughts does too.


Thank you so much for visiting


Creative Director

Hadar Creations

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*Drum rolls*our first official author launches his powerful book, The Dictator

It was indeed a beautiful day yesterday when Hadar Creations published its first book outside our CEO and Creative Director’s books.

This means that we are progressing and our name is gradually getting out there. We are building a brand that will change lives and change generations to come.

This is our vision in Hadar Creations and this is what propels us to propel and also motivate our authors and everyone that comes in contact with us.

Fadipe Oluwaseun our first author has written his first book the Dictator, and it is a best seller that will touch and change lives positively. It is a book that has explored the vulnerability of boys and below is an excerpt…….

“I gained admission into the university to study accounting, such event is usually a happy occasion for most parents, my parents most especially my dad was so proud to have a son studying accounting and a daughter studying law in the University, on the other hand it was one of my saddest day, for my dad it was a thing of pride and a reason to boast among his friends and family most especially since we were his first children to gain admission into the university, on the other hand it was a thing of sadness, pain and bitterness because I knew the journey ahead was going to definitely result into that of embarrassment, shame, disappointment to my family and most especially to myself. I found myself in the university studying what I never wished to study, struggled very hard to cope with my academics, I never did accounting when I was in secondary school neither did I like anything that has to do with calculation and here I am faced with courses like financial- accounting, business-mathematics 1, business mathematics 2, etc in my 100 level and by the time my first semester result came out it was nothing to write home about because I had less than 1.5 CGPA.

I became devastated and drowned further in my pool of bitterness and sorrow knowing the reactions and embarrassment I was going to get from family members most especially from my dad, I could not bear to see myself humiliated or to be compared to a younger sister that was doing very well in her choice of discipline (Law)

I was already so affected with the soured relationship or broken relationship and series of ugly episodes I had to face as a result of my parents broken marriage which had affected me negatively and psychologically so I needed to help myself escape this academic shame or failure that was looming over my head”……………………………………………..

Dear parents,

“The unhealthy relationship in your marriage has a way of affecting your child psychologically; it is only natural for them to do whatever to get out of it”.

Lots of life changing messages and exposition in this book. It is a must have for everyone.

To get your copy please click on the link below and make your payment through paypal after which you can download the book. If you would love to pay directly, then send a mail to or 

The Dictator Fadipe Oluwaseun

  • Hadar Creations
  • 107 pages

Thank for reading, please share to help us spread the message.

PS: Do you know that we have an inner team on Facebook where we coach and mentor women on how to unearth their treasures, discover who they truly are and walk in purpose?

if you would love to join then send a request to the link below