FOCUS (Bibi Ire)

One of the ways the devil attacks our minds is through distractions. These distractions can come in any format. Bit by bit you start focusing your attention on these distractions till the enemy takes away your mind and your soul from your PRIORITIES and gets you to focus on INANITIES. Strategic...... Read more


Working together as a team has indeed brought greater results and as a result of this, we are always prepared to give our clients a satisfactory result. Achieving set goals is one of our core values in Hadar Creations and that is why we take our client’s jobs at heart. Hadar Creations is a...... Read more


Hadar creations is a registered company in the Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria with the RC no 1107057. Hadar Creations is a publishing, design and digital marketing outfit that seeks to position your personal and business Identity beautifully through various kind of...... Read more


Life itself is a mystery, there are things you can’t define, things you don’t have an explanation too but needs an explanation, things that makeup and don’t make up the world, things you think about that doesn’t make sense but has sense in it. Life would show you...... Read more