The day you understand that money should NEVER be seen as an impediment to fulfilling VISION, then that day is the day that you become liberated from your mindset of limitations.

And this is why people feel unfulfilled and confused rather than move in alacrity with what is in their hands.

You are your own Rescue, sometimes you are being caged because your mind has been mapped by your own self.

In the Visionary Life, Vision and Money is a chapter where I thoroughly explained and detailed this.

The kind of traps many visionaries are in can be avoided if only they can stop viewing money as the saviour of vision.

Here is an excerpt below:

“Many visionnaire have become stooges and secret sinners because they want financial support and investment from certain people for their vision.

Some visionnaire cannot operate in the authenticity of their vision neither can they follow the blueprint because they are afraid to offend their investors and helpers so that those ones would not cut off the flow of their help.

Even some men of God can no longer deliver the messages God gives to them appropriately because they are afraid to lose the fat tithes and kingdom giving of some church members.

Many vision have been killed because certain people got offended at the visionnaire and they used money and position to destroy their vision.

Understand this, vision will succeed as long as it was God who sent you on that assignment.”

There are steps to take to deliver yourself from this cage.

The first step is:


The danger of the love of money is that it can lure you into selling your soul and trading your virtue. Money is a tool, and as a visionary, you need to begin to see it as such so it does not become a god in your vision. You must eradicate the love of money from your heart and rather see money as a tool so you can use it appropriately when it is available rather than become its slave.”

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