What things do you fall back on when you are lost?

Do you know that at some point in life, we tend to get lost, even when we have discovered ourselves, it only goes to say that we are humans and as humans, we can’t be perfect.
So it is normal for one to get lost but staying lost becomes abnormal. So what do you fall back on when you seem lost in a particular phase of life?

Yes, we go to God, God accepts us, we are his children and of course, he can’t let us go astray, while God won’t let us go astray, he can’t spoon-feed us.
Do you know why God won’t spoon feed you?

He has made a variety of things we can fall back on. He made humans and through humans, he gave us varieties of things we can fall back on, to give guidance and also make us come alive.
And one of those things he gave is this beautiful and powerful mind book IDENTITY.

So when you find yourself losing it, when you find yourself lost, whenever you feel like the best solution is ending it, know that the contents of this book keep giving continuous meaning to different questions in life, different answers to questions, different answers to pathways that lead to unveiling secrets that can birth a new day from your previous day, a new chapter from your previous chapters.

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