Life itself is a mystery, there are things you can’t define, things you don’t have an explanation too but needs an explanation, things that makeup and don’t make up the world, things you think about that doesn’t make sense but has sense in it.

Life would show you it’s up and still show you are down, life can make you meaningless and still give some people meaning to your life, sometimes I shake my head because while one person’s life is this another person’s life is that even those from the same sperm doesn’t have a kind life.

What a mystery we live in where we don’t know the next action that makes up a second, life is like a Drama but not scripted, even those who balance their life through documentation would tell, while they write their scripts, life would either add its own or remove its own.
Thus the saying do not work with someone else’s Time.

While life is fun for some, it is sadness for some.

While some work in seconds, some work in minutes and some work in hours, giving them different results which sometimes progress for some while to some its success.
Thus the saying it’s not how far but how well.

While you choose to give your own meaning to life, life gives you its own.
Do you think life should choose for us?

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