There was a time I have always wanted to run away from the surface of the earth, probably disappear to where I would be alone, with no one knowing who I am, what I was and why I was the way I was.

At those times, it was difficult, I kept thinking on how it all started but I couldn’t find the beginning of it all, I only knew the present but how I got to the present is still a mystery to me, all I know was that the present wasn’t good.

I hated myself, it was the worst days of my life, what were the actions I took that brought me to this present?
At times, I caused the past and regret in the present.

Maybe I should have been more careful but been careful isn’t enough.
One day I was reading a post by OOA one thing struck me “If only you know who you are”

I kept saying the word until it became my next word or response to someone.
At first, it was difficult but I know I can’t keep up with such life, I needed a change.
Damn! It was difficult.

Do you know that getting a change and a chance is one difficult aspect of life?

I needed a change, I need to let go of the past.
Do you know that letting go is one million times difficult than letting in?
Do you also know that letting go of a life destroyer is the best weight you can Lose.

What weight do you need to lose?

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